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Europeans have been installing porcelain benchtops for quite some time now, however this type of surface is only recently catching on in New Zealand. Porcelain slabs are made from china clay which contains a high percentage of minerals known as kaoline and other minerals, which is 'fired' at an extremely high temperature. This results in a super hard material that is nearly impervious to heat, scratching and UV rays. 

With these great physical properties porcelain can be used indoors and outdoors - ideal for barbeque areas. 

Advantages: Non porous; Highly scratch and stain resistant; UV resistant; Resistance to high temperature

Our brands


Dekton is the global market leader in ultra-compact and high-performance surfaces that offers endless design possibilities for outdoor and indoor spaces.


Neolith offers a world of possibilities where design, functionality and technology come together to make your dreams come true. If you can imagine it, Neolith can make it happen.


Laminam’s stylistic features of their slabs and the versatility make it possible to accomplish results of the utmost aesthetic impact, marked by timeless elegance and extreme functionality and durability.

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